Ken Bigley Executed

Despite all that his family did to publicize his plight, how others others protested and tried to get help for him, and the fact that the Irish Government issued him with an Irish passport, Ken Bigley was executed yesterday afternoon.
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Commenting on the new report, Paul Bigley said: “I have heard nothing at all.

“I have been optimistic and remain optimistic.”

Paul said he was praying the news turn out to be untrue.

7 thoughts on “Ken Bigley Executed

  1. Oh they’ve been educated alright – the wrong way. Ignorance is no excuse for the violent acts perpetrated and goes against the all that Islam stands for. The Islamic and Arabic backlash is on the way, these people don’t represent the ordinary citizen of the Middle East, they’re the very worst as they believe they’re “the good guys” and defending their faith.

  2. no he didnt have to die you obviously havent seen the video of him being beheaded it is the mostcruel barbaric thing i have seen in my life and as they show you the bodyless body at the end of the video you can still see the look of fear in his eyes.

  3. the soldiers should stop being idiats and find bin laden, all other terrorists they should of found ken and killed alzerkawi in the first place with his men what they should do now to reedeem themselves is to find the rest of the terrorists who kidnapped ken and should find his body & send his body back here to his family in the uk
    get your acttogether soldiers

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