Batmans Begins – bah, crap trailer, looks good!

Me being a big Batman fan, I just took at look at the Batman Begins trailer. It wasn’t great, you don’t get much of a look at the Caped Crusader, but it does give you a taste for the story I suppose! Nice Batman logo! Oh and wget this link if you want to download the trailer in QuickTime format. That at least is friendlier than the wmv format to Mplayer but don’t forget to download the QuickTime codecs to play it!

2 thoughts on “Batmans Begins – bah, crap trailer, looks good!

  1. First off it’s a teaser trailer, not the full trailer.
    Second, it’s not like we don’t know what the caped crusader looks like ;-p
    Third, I thought it was a good teaser. Deals more with the man than the hero.

  2. Batman tends to get redesigned through the ages. Either his logo has yellow behind it or not, or he wears visible body armour or a puny body-stocking, etc. I wanted to see what he looks like for this movie for that reason. What is the interpretation of the hero this time?
    Looking forward to the full trailer!

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