Legal, schmegal – Photography rights challenged, again!

I thought this was going to be a slightly alarmist story about the heavy handed nature of the law when I read “riot act” but it turned out well enough in the end.
Almost on topic, I remember taking a photo of a dramatic painting in the Louvre years ago. I thought I had disabled the flash, but no, I hadn’t and bright white light poured into the room when I pressed the shutter button!
No sooner had I realised my mistake than an irate lady came pounding up to me gesticulating wildly and berating me, in French, for destroying a work of art! Unfortunately, my French was only slightly better than it is now (and that extends to about a dozen words!) but I didn’t need a gift with languages to realise what she was saying! *gulp*
I still have that photo at home somewhere..

3 thoughts on “Legal, schmegal – Photography rights challenged, again!

  1. I am trying to find out how to get permission to use an image photographed by Jaques Henri Lartigue as a backdrop for a live concert… any ideas?

  2. Listen right… I don’t know who the hell you are. I don’t know how you got to know about any of this. However, someone, in the past took a very good photograph, therefore, they have a right to gain from it, whatever that gain may be. If I (or you) have created something through art, it is only proper and correct that the art should be appreciated. Do you think that artists should be intrinsically poor?

  3. Eh Mathew? You’ve completely confused me. Did I say that artists shouldn’t be rewarded for their effort?
    The mind boggles that you interpreted the above post as my advocating the theft of art!

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