<xeer> ok, what does the acronym TGIF stand for?
<Stewie> thank god for crunchie
<diamond> xeer: Toes Go In First
<xeer> diamond: oh! *confused* better google for that then!
<xeer> http://www.acronymfinder.com/af-query.asp?String=exact&Acronym=tgif
<kevin> xeer: thank god it’s friday.
<xeer> kevin: yes, that makes more sense doesn’t it? 🙂
<Stewie> so, right, who just got spammed by us, and replied with “optout.delete” ?
<Stewie> they missed the “self.delete()”
<Stewie> kevin, this is better.. Tactical Ground Intercept Facility
<Stewie> or maybe Turfgrass Information File
<kevin> xeer: well, not really, i’m an atheist. why would i thank some figment of mass hysteria about some arbitrary designation of time?
<ann> kevin, because it is a nice short word
<xeer> kevin: mind if I quote you on that? 😉
<kevin> ann: god or friday?
<ann> kevin, god
<Stewie> kevin, use goodness instead?
<ann> ‘thank the anglo-saxons for the use of the phrase friday plus thank sociewty for organising around a weekend’ just isn’t as catch
<ann> catchy even
<ann> or thank graham
<Stewie> kevin, thankee kindlee
<kevin> ann: true. “the fates” sounds more dramatic and storied though. plus there’s that whole xena tie in thanks to pop culture. kiwi’s bursting out of leather corsets – woo-hoo!
<ann> kevin, the fates is as bad a superstition
<kevin> xeer: sure, why not?
<ann> and worse depending on context
* ann never understands abandoning one god just to pick another deity/supernatural
<kevin> ann: ah yes, but clearly a superstition.
<ann> kevin, not for some ppl
<ann> you thank gord?
<kevin> ann: people still worship zeus?
<Stewie> ann, not until he gets DSL from gord
<xeer> ok, for all you atheists, and God fearing people.. http://blogs.linux.ie/xeer/archives/p/89491001/more/1/c/1/Humour-What_does_tgif_stand_for
<xeer> I expect that’ll be found by similarly confused people all over the world in a few days. 🙂
<ann> kevin, i think they’ve been hijacked
<Stewie> kevin, apollo is much better than zeus
* ann does wonder why Toes Go In First needed to be acronmym’d
<firebird> There’s still one version missing…
<kevin> ann: maybe people were being put in head first because they didn’t have enough time to read the “Toes Go In First” sign?
<kae> thank date(‘l’) it’s Friday
<chronos> speaking of friday, Im off home
<Stewie> firebird, hurray for boobies?
<ann> kevin, wouldn’t No Diving be shorter?
<chronos> happy trails
— chronos is now known as goneos
<firebird> Stewie: That’d be hfb, not tgif…
<kevin> ann: oh, i thought this related to morgues.
<Stewie> firebird, curses.. I knew my english teacher was incompetent..
* ann was thinking swimming pools
<Stewie> kevin, maybe people kept walking backwards?
<ann> um
<ann> it could be about putting on shoes?
<Nargler> think I’ve seen something like that for waterslides
<kevin> ann: ok, i’m not sure people who don’t know tgif when putting on shoes should be allowed out of whatever institution that is caring for them.
<kae> Stewie – “Tits Go In Front”
<Stewie> kae, yes.. I know
<Stewie> I’m not completely blonde you know
<kae> terminal, though
<pron> there’s a bald spot ..
<Nargler> terminal goes in front
<Stewie> pron, all the better to not have babies swing from
<ann> kae, they tend not to be mobile
<xeer> I used to think it had something to do with the header information in a certain lossless graphic file format. Could have sworn seeing that in a hex editor once..
<kae> Toplap Goes In Front
<Stewie> xeer, tagged gif?
<Stewie> or something in tiff?
<kae> gagged Tiff?
<Nargler> tgif goes in front :]
<ann> nooooooo!
<xeer> *sigh* what have I started.
<kae> recursive acronym – nice
* Stewie sets a hird on Nargler
<xeer> I really should copy/paste this into a comment to that post 😉
<ann> kevin, why would it matter which way arond a corpse was stored?
<ann> don’t they have labels attached to feet anyway or is that just in cartoons?
<kae> it’s easier to stick a label on a toe than a nose
<kae> although I guess that depends on the size of the nostril
<ann> so really, in the case of corpses tgil would be better?
<Stewie> kae, would it not depend more on the size of the label?
<Stewie> as in, you’d be hard pressed to stick an 8″ floppy label on either a toe or a nostril
* ann was thinking luggage style ones with a loop
<kae> well, both, maybe – with a crochet needle, I guess the string of the label could be passed up one nostril and down the other
<xeer> Stewie: I’ll quote the rest 😉