Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

If you don’t know, “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon” by Queen, you’re in for a treat. Absolutely lovely song and one of my favourite songs. Just over 1 minute of perfection.

Jai on the Recovering Queen Podcast did a great cover of it too!

When you’ve listened to that, follow it up with Seaside Rendezvous. Another delightful song!

If you’ve never heard either of those songs, you should run, without hurting yourself, to the nearest record store and purchase a copy of Queen’s 1975 album “A Night At The Opera”. A stupendously good album, and I guarantee you have heard at least one song from it. There’s no way you haven’t heard this song I’m thinking of. (it’s also on any music streaming service, if you must have instant gratification.)

When I shared this on Mastodon yesterday Stephen Tures replied, linking to this documentary on the making of the album. I’ve only watched 17 minutes of it, but listen with headphones as they play snippets from the songs too!

Yes, of course, PLAY QUEEN LOUD!

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