Can I Speak With The Eircom Account Holder?

Just got a phone call…

Me: Hello!
Caller: Hello, can I speak to the Eircom account holder?
Me: Err, speaking.
Caller: Hi, my name is Laura and I’m ringing from Tele2 in Donegal and I want to tell you about our ..
Me: Haha, don’t bother, I’m not even with Eircom any more!
Caller: Oh! who’re you with?
Me: Ah, UTV Talk.
Caller: oh, we can’t compete with them, they’re one of the best!
Me: Yeah, goodbye!

* Names have been changed.

So, Go to UTV Talk for free calls at off-peak times to local, national and UK numbers, and use Telestunt if you’re ringing abroad or mobiles. Definitely the cheapest phone calls in Ireland!

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