Opening URLs in Moz Firefox

Does anyone else have problems sending commands to a running instance of Mozilla Firefox?
I want Thunderbird to open links in new Firefox tabs but the following command fails:

$ mozilla -remote "openurl(, new-tab)"
Failed to send command.

If I don’t include a URL then a dialog pops up asking for one but that’s hardly what I want to happen. Google hasn’t been too helpful, but maybe someone reading this has come across this already!



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  1. This script seems to work nicely for me.

    export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/lib/MozillaFirefox/"

    if [ "x$url" = "x" ]; then

    if $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/mozilla-xremote-client openURL\("$url",new-tab\); then
    exit 0
    exec $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/firefox "$url"

    The only problem I have is that it opens a locally cached copy (file:// instead of the actual URL. This is annoying because any links that aren’t absolutely linked don’t work. I’m still searching for an answer to that one.

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