Shaun of the Dead – mini review

Myself and Mel went to see Shaun of the Dead last night. What a blast! hehe. It’s a completely off the wall zombie movie, and much better than 28 Days later (OK, I’m possibly in the small minority who thinks that movie was crap!)
I absoluately loved the jokes and the dark humour! Early in the film, we burst out laughing as the two main characters, Shaun and Ed, bashed in the heads and mutilated 2 zombies that were in their back garden! I don’t remember hearing anyone else laugh (the rest of the audience was possibly shocked!) but it didn’t take them long to realise this was a spoof horror taking the mickey out of the genre!
There’s the small touches, like the supermarket-clerk zombie with her name tag on (Mary?), or the groom from the shop who’s lost an arm, or the zombie-boy who still kicks the ball..
And I love the ending. 🙂
Go see it, it’s a good ‘un!

By Donncha

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