2 thoughts on “Nothing to see here, go away!

  1. i dunno what this guy finds so confusing.

    first there’s the picture he points out. it was taken by tami silcio, a contractor in kuwait. she sent it on to a friend of hers in the states who then gave (or possibly sold) it to a reporter at the seattle times. tami says she released it to show the care and respect that are paid to america’s fallen. apparently she was party to a lawsuit suing halliburton for sexual harrassment when cheney worked there, so some question her motivation. (i don’t though).

    the pictures at thememoryhole.org are the result of a foia request by the owner of that site. he specifically requested that pictures of the columbia astronauts NOT be included. it appears that around 80 of the 300+ pictures are of the columbia remains. the rest are of soldiers returning from iraq or afghanistan.

    lastly, the last time flag draped coffins made the news it was because they were featured in a george bush re-election commericial. they were the coffins of the 9/11 victims. according to bush he had no problem with them being used in such a way – in spite of objections from many of the relatives of those who died. one assumes that he’s fine with them being featured in news articles now…

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