b2++ Post Titles in URLs

Here’s another minor b2++ update. I added the blog post titles to permalinks, The title isn’t used to find the actual post, it’s simply there for search engines to find and index.
It should help somewhat in your rankings if you select your post titles carefully!

3 thoughts on “b2++ Post Titles in URLs

  1. Well, for a number of reasons. Presently WordPress doesn’t support Smarty templates, or community blog websites like blogs.linux.ie
    I have some work done towards integrating Smarty into WP but it’s woefully incomplete, and caching is nigh on impossible until we can figure out what defines a page (and therefore a cache key), and that’s getting more and more complicated as features roll into WP.
    There is nothing I would like more than to run WP here but until I get off my ass and do something about it, it’s not going to happen!

  2. ah yes. very good reasons indeed. i have my doubts about the wordpress code base. but theres just too much code to go back and redesign it realistically. smarty templates arent everything, they are nice, but what im most interested in is cacheing, which is throughly possible with WP right now. I should know, I wrote the plugin to do it 😉 i did a smarty re-write a while a go, but it really needs a total re-write of the application to be worth it.

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