b2++ Photoblog

What with the proliferation of photoblogs around the Internet I thought we should get in on the act!

  • Displays one image, with optional surrounding html code.
  • If no image is available selects a previous image at random.
  • Only certain images will be used. No surprises!

What to do:

  • Add this code to your blog template: {photoblog}
  • There are optional parameters too:
    start: Starting html code.
    msg: Title of the picture.
    randmsg: Title of a random photo
    end: Ending html code.
    class: css class inserted into the img tag.

    ie. {photoblog start="<div align='center'>" msg="<b>Pic of the Day</b>" end="</div>" class="pictureborder"}
    To always display a random photo just pass when='random' to the plugin.
  • Upload images to your blog with the filenames photoblog-YYYYMMDD.jpg

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