We bought the Canon A70!

My dad was looking at buying a Canon A70 and I eventually settled on 7 Day Shop in the UK as they’ve the best prices. When I bought from them in the past I received my goods promptly and without a problem.
‘Course, I was sorely tempted to splash out on a 256MB USB keyring, and some more filters for my camera, and a new flash, and.. maybe after I’ve moved into the new house!

Later.. I don’t recommend 7dayshop any more. Read my 7dayshop review and please avoid them!

2 thoughts on “We bought the Canon A70!

  1. I got an A70 myself in the States for $299 and it’s being serving me faithfully since! Hope your dad gets on as well with his!

  2. I picked up a Canon EOS 300D in the U.S. last thursday for $999. The shop I bought it in (Ritz cameras) also had Kodak’s new 14MegaPixel SLR – nice.

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