Boat on the Lee

For the last few days I’ve noticed that the boat used by the workmen on Saturday was tied up in the middle of the river. This morning I stopped and took some photos of it, and played around with a few tools in the GIMP.
I’m sure I used them before, but the “Colour Enhance” tool and “Filter Pack” are very useful for adding a little more atmosphere and feeling to a photo.
The steeple reflected in the river is Holy Trinity Church on Father Mathew Quay. That church itself makes an imposing sight, especially when it’s lit up at night!

I uploaded the last photo above to photoSIG too although trying to attract the attention of visitors there is quite difficult as “boat on river” photos are two a penny there!
Forgot to say, I’m still very impressed by the Linux 2.6 kernel. I had 3 2560×1920 images open in the GIMP, and I had modified each several times so that the undo-buffer was filling up nicely. Under Linux 2.4 my machine would have been unusable, but Mozilla Firefox (with about a dozen tabs on 2 windows), Xchat and Thunderbird all remained responsive and none of them were swapped out! (The machine has 512MB of RAM, so Linux 2.6 doesn’t work miracles, it just handles resources much better!)

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