Matrix? Revolutionary Film?

Well, despite my expectations, or maybe because of them, I really enjoyed Matrix Revolutions this afternoon! Further proof that others in the theatre enjoyed it was the lack of cat calls, hissing and general hubub from the assorted kids seated around us.
It’s an action movie, through and through. The story gets in the way occasionally, but not for long (unlike Morpheus’ long speech in the second movie, most of the dialog scenes were thankfully short.)
Keanu still can’t act, and he’s comical in his “portrayal” of grave emotions. He did kick ass “doing his Superman thing” this time, which I found annoying and pointless in the previous movie.
I don’t need to tell you to go see it, you know you will anyway, but expect more of the same of movie 2 and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
(Thank you Lou for correcting my spelling of Mr. Reeves’ first name!)

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