I’m sure Microsoft had planned to fix this in Visual Studio.NET using the now defunct Hailstorm strategy. You leave the room and when the build finished Visual Studio would not only beep, but send a message to all your network enabled devices with a recording of the beep that just took place.

In the event you had those devices set to mute, Hailstorm would flash the streetlights of your entire neighbourhood to display your beep in binary.

From my understanding of things, though Hailstorm is gone, the remote beep is still with us and is currently being designed to work with the Microsoft’s .NET DRM Framework so only you can hear the beep on devices which Microsoft or the beep license owner have approved of.

Sharing your beep via P2P isn’t desirable to the beeps content owners and may land you in court if you live in the US. Also in the US, French beeps have been renamed Freedom beeps; I know this because I saw it on Fox News.