New design up now. What d'you …

New design up now. What d’you think? I was getting very tired of the old design which was my first stab at doing a site design completely in CSS without the use of tables. This is my second, and it’s not quite as daunting now that I have a template to work off.
It wasn’t without it’s own problems. I ran into the IE box problem (IE calculates the space around CSS boxes incorrectly so I had to compensate for that) and I finally managed to get the “Holy Shmoly!” logo to display a bit better in that browser.
The last time I tried to come up with a design for this site I gave up in desperation and went and cleared out the garden and the paths around the house. Thankfully I persevered with it this time!
The next design might make use of graphics but don’t count on it. hehe.

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