Sony DSC-F717 – tried it?

I spent an hour yesterday between Microcenter and Circuit City comparing prices of laptops and cameras. I came to the sorry conclusion that there’s not much to differenciate them. Best Buy is about the same price range. They’re still cheaper than Irish prices though! Especially in the digital camera market. I saw so many laptops and cameras yesterday my brain got a bit frazzled. I’ve decided to forego buying a laptop at this stage (as I might be able to get a loan of one..) and one camera that caught my eye is the Sony DSC-F717. Reviews are for the most part favourable even if the camera isn’t perfect. There was an auto-focus issue with earlier models that was almost 10 months ago. There’s some good prices to be found, but I’d like to hear if you’ve had experience with this camera. I’d also love to hear of sites offering accessories at more reasonable prices!
Update! Here’s an excellent review from

One thought on “Sony DSC-F717 – tried it?

  1. comment You should look at the Sony MVD-fd97. You can do a lot with this thing. I mean a lot!

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