b2-Smarty installation

If you’re having trouble installing b2-smarty then take a look at this post. There’s 2 problems that might cause you trouble:

  1. Enable register_globals in your php.ini
  2. Make sure you copy the files in properly.

I’m dumbfounded to read that people prefer to edit code and HTML mixed in together. There’s just so many advantages to seperating the code and content out! I’m not going to go on about it, as others have explained all this better than I can.

4 thoughts on “b2-Smarty installation

  1. You don’t have to use Smarty to separate presentation code for the rest of you application code. The main reason I don’t use it for my apps is that is it yet another required install for people who want to use my software. I already do the separation in good ol’ PHP that Smarty would enforce (using templates and packing my dynamic output into variables) and don’t see any reason to bring in another dependancy. Also, it is another syntax people have to use which simpler than PHP or not, does not have as many on-line tutorials/resources as PHP does (again raising the barrier to entry). I will go read some of these links though and see if someone can change my mind.

  2. hi installed already a few phpscripts on my webserver and created databases and so and wantted to get Smarty to edit one of my websites that is compiled with Smarty.
    After downloading Smarty i spend about 6 hrs reading the installation manual for windows and i still have no clue how to instal it.
    If somebody knows of a detailed step by step installation manual i would love to see it as i just dont get it!

  3. i have been searching for hours on how to install smarty myself. The most promising website i have found so far is: http://www.smarty.net/manual/en/installing.smarty.basic.php but i still have trouble.

    one good thing is that i do receive the error message as displayed by the website but apart from that i have not luck. i think i will build a website that will involve detailed information on how to install smarty, php, pear, xampp, apache and mysql as the forums on the net tend to be a bit vague. i hope that the link i have provided will be of some help and if it is please post the exact steps you have taken for success thanks.


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