Teeth, teeth, teeth..

I’m after my root canal now. I had it done this morning. I was expecting the worst as I walked into the dentist’s surgery.
It took an hour, I didn’t feel any pain but a lot of discomfort having my mouth open for so long! I was given and injection, the dentist drilled down into the tooth a bit and then started poking small rods into the tooth to clear it out. Just like clearing out a pipe!
When he was certain the tooth was as clear as he could get it, he filled the tooth with small plastic pins which he then melted into my tooth using a bunsen-burner heated instrument!
Finally, a filling was put on top, an xray taken of the tooth and I was told that the procedure went perfectly.
Then I coughed up the ridiculous amount of money dentists charge and our PRSI doesn’t cover.. I’ll have to send off that tax-relief form and hope I get some of it back!

2 thoughts on “Teeth, teeth, teeth..

  1. God I know, I think there’s a shortage of dentists in Ireland so they can charge what they like.
    I’d almost need to win the lottery to sort out all the things wrong with my teeth.

  2. i went to four different dentist,because i was unsure of them all (look up boards.ie and the dentist blogs,in the republic of ireland they are rip off merchants and as far as i know from experience they are no different in attitude and manner since the 1970’s)the worst dentist i went to was on noonan eamon t, he ripped me off and my mouth open!!
    my son went to him also and he apparently needed 2 fillings,anyway he had a bad experience with him and WE ARE NOT GOING BACK.
    most of his clients are medical card holders,but he ripped me off completely in the end i payed out nearly over 1000 euros and one tooth had to be redone as he did not scoop out all the decaying material.If this happens sometimes it can result in an abcess which is exactly what happens to me.
    in future my only advice to you would be to book in advance dont let it get too late,at the first sign of tooth sensitivity see a well recommended dentist and save up because there are many great places up north,i would reccommend appletree or anywhere in co.down to be quite honest!

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