In Praise of Netscape 4.7 Mail

Netscape 4.7 was never praised for it’s browsing abilities, and the email client was (and still is) widely trounced and disparaged.
But, any time a mailbox goes wrong here at work I fire up Netscape mail to sort it out. Simply copy the offending mailbox into the nsmail of a local user and load up Netscape. It’ll handle mbox files too large for ipop3d (or Outlook) to handle. I just deleted 3 mails from one account that reduced the mbox from 1.5GB to 1.2MB!
It also handles the missing “F” from the word “From” when a procmail script bombs out (happens when Spam Assassin dies sometimes)
Then simply “cat” the file back into the spool directory. Make sure you use: “cat mbox >> /var/spool/USER” to append the data on at the end. You may want to stop Sendmail while you do that in case incoming mail overwrites your “cat” operation.
Netscape Mail gets my thumbs up for fixing things!

One thought on “In Praise of Netscape 4.7 Mail

  1. I’m trying to upgrade my bosses email from Netscape 4.79 to Thunderbird. TBird doesn’t see the NS profile. Guess NS needs to be ver 7.2 or something. I installed NS7.2, but it won’t upgrade the profile from 4.79. I see that the extensions in the folder names have changed. What can I do to get the old mail into TBird?
    Kevin Walker,
    Kotzebue, Alaska

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