Interesting day today. I'm of …

Interesting day today. I’m off work for a few days so I cycled around Blackrock with my camera.
Down in the Line I had the camera set up to snap two of the bridges that span that old railway line when two lads came down the path on their bikes. I asked them to pose for a photo while cycling, which they declined to do at first but later they came back and I snapped a pic of them (link later). I told them it was for a website and they went off. They came back shortly and asked how they could see the photo, so I tried to tell them about photosig, but rememebered that you need to become a member there to do most things, so..

“D’you know”
“Yeah, we go there in school.”
“Right, do a search for my name, donncha, that’s d-o-n-n-c-h-a, my homepage is the second link, I’ll post a link there.”

With that, they went off.
Google just found another function: It’s now a means for total strangers to pass on complex information without resorting to pen and paper.

Search for this and you’ll find me.

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