Sorry for the lack of updates. …

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m writing from a web-cafe in lovely Galway! We started with a night in Inish Mor, night in the local “night club” and a 10 mile bike ride up to Dun Aonghus. We’re sun burned! Who’s believe it? Ireland in September and we’re sunburned! hehe.
Lots of pics to post, Dun Aongus lies at the top of 87m cliffs facing the Atlantic, being up there reminded me of Bungy Jumping, but the pics were worth it!

Galway is great, def. worth a visit, wait ’till you see pics of the penthouse apartment we got! Woo!!

More updates at the weekend, we’re off to dinner in a while, the pub after, and then back to Kilkenny tomorrow!

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