I'm kept busy these days. Apa …

I’m kept busy these days. Apache+mod_perl+DBI is amazingly fast! 100 concurrent queries only took 2-3 seconds! (tested with “ab”)
PCPlus is out again this month featuring Linux stuff such as NS 4.06, Interbase 4, and Blender. It also has a snapshot of the Mozilla source code from last August. Well worth getting (even if you only want Delphi 2 which is on the other CD!!)
I finally compiled PTC and the included demos run very nicely. The “RealTunnel” demo is quite nice. Just as I compile it a new version comes out! Check out the homepage above!
Having trouble getting email to work as you’d like it to in Linux? Check out my install script which I wrote after finally getting qmail working! It’ll probably work for you but I ony guarantee it’ll take up room on your computer!
I updated my desktop page with a 4 screens wide screenshot of my Window Maker desktop. Have a look. The jpeg is only 18k!
Woo! I broke 10,000 hits! Celebrate! *grin*

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