Sad news. The Hornet archive w …

Sad news. The Hornet archive will soon close up shop and the Hornet group will disband. For those who don’t know, Hornet is probably the largest demo archive in the world but due to fading interest the group won’t continue to support the archive. There’s also an announcement available explaining what happened. The archive will be given over to so hopefully it will continue to exist.
As a final note, there are still Hornet CDs available. If you’re into demos it might be worth buying a copy of each.. I will.
I found a music tracker for Linux on freshmeat today.
Check out Sound Tracker which is described as a music tracker for the X window system. It looks promising.
Somehow by coincidence I come across another tracker for Linux. Have a look at Keg Tracker. Nice screenshot too!
Totally unrelated but interesting nevertheless. A friend discovered how to get access to any file on a WinNT machine even without being admin on the machine. Take a look at IE4 (Internet Options) and you might figure it out.. (This is probably an old hack but I haven’t heard about it before..)

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