Finally I'm using Linux at wo …

Finally I’m using Linux at work! I can do some kick-ass work on perl scripting, database connectivity, and do some cool automation to update the site everyday! 🙂
The Beginners Linux Guide has moved home to, so go over there and check out some of the new docs Owen has written!
Mesa has reached version 3.0 which is old news by now but worth mentioning anyway!
I got an email yesterday from someone asking about coding in assembly. I used to code demos using ASM, but that was quite a while ago. In this day and age I would recommend using C/C++ with _maybe_ inline assembly in low level classes/functions to get things going fast. With new processors coming out and different operating systems running on them/on old processors coding an application/demo restricts your potential audience greatly! Still, asm has it’s advocates and benefits but the disadvantages outweigh these IMO.
Oh yes. My site is a few hits short of 10,000 hits! If someone sends me the gif of that hit I’ll give them a mention on the page!
Another big announcement recently was the release of Scitech Display Doctor. This may very well encourage demo coders to move to Linux but it’s proof of the awful architecture of the PC, especially when it comes to the video sub-system. The screenshot on the above page looks very familiar..

Two little tips for Netscape:
Middle-mouse button clicking on a link brings the link up in a new window.
Copy a URL to the clipboard and click the middle-mouse button in Netscape (on a clear part of the page) to load the URL in the browser.
Second tip was courtesy of the ILUG mailing list
Download squid to improve your browsers’ perceived responsiveness. It works great and you don’t get any of the Netscape stalls when you pressed ESC when it was “Looking for host:…” because it doesn’t look! Squid does!
This essay makes quite good reading, especially if you think that everyone should use Linux and Linux is perfect for everything. Again, I got this link from the ILUG mailing list.
I think I’ll buy a Microsoft wheel mouse for home. I got the one in work to function in X and it rocks in Netscape. The wheel even acts as a middle mouse button when pressed down!
A friend pointed out this article by Cringely. Interesting reading on the freedom of utilities and consumer goods, and the goings-on of Microsoft.. Thanks Mark.

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