Bohemian Rhapsody on FLOPPOTRON

Is this a hard drive? Is this just floppy disk? Caught in a page fault No ESC from reality Open your files Look up to the skies and C:\…….. Sometimes it’s worth reading the comments on YouTube. This one from Yuan Edo.


Bohemian Rhapsody Overload

Hyped for this. Don’t be bad. Don’t be bad. Don’t mess it up. It’s kinda odd to think of Elliot from Mr. Robot as Freddie Mercury but this trailer is promising, unless you’re going to pick holes in every little bit of it. I enjoyed this interview with Rami Malek […]


Queen – We Will Rock You (Raw Sessions Version)

In 1977 Queen released “News of the World”, and this year a 40th Anniversary Edition has been released with outtakes, alternative versions of the whole album and more. Here’s the trailer: I found a playlist on Youtube and it’s great to hear slightly different versions of tracks I know so […]


Don’t Stop Me Now

An amazing cover of the Queen song, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Peter Bence. (Thanks Ken Collins for sharing) When you’ve listened to that, watch these two videos by Valentina Lisitsa and marvel at how fast her fingers move.


Under Pressure Studio Take

A version of Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure you might not have heard before. You can hear some talking in the background. From the title I thought this was made during the recording of the song but comments on this video and another video say it’s from radio interviews. […]


Somebody to Love

As a joke a few days ago I shared an awful cover of a Queen song on Facebook, so in apology I give you Marc Martel singing the beautiful Queen song, “Somebody to Love”. And as a bonus here’s an amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma. Wow, just wow. All this […]


Lazarus, the days of our lives

I always associate David Bowie with Queen and Freddie Mercury after hearing the amazing “Under Pressure”. I’ve even heard a bootleg version recorded in the studio where both singers are clearly heard talking to each other. So, to me it’s appropriate to mark the passing away of the legendary singer […]

Music , Youtube

Queen at Live Aid

25 minutes of an amazing performance by a great band. I want to know who was the guy in shorts who was leaning against the stage wall at around 8:29. (Thank for the link Leon!)


Ogre Battle

Spotify opened it’s doors to the Irish public today (well, to those who hadn’t used a proxy or some other means to pay for the UK service that is) so I gave it a go and of course looked for Queen music. The usual suspects are there and some material […]

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