Somebody to Love

As a joke a few days ago I shared an awful cover of a Queen song on Facebook, so in apology I give you Marc Martel singing the beautiful Queen song, “Somebody to Love”.

And as a bonus here’s an amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma. Wow, just wow.

All this found at the same time I find out that Freddie Mercury’s mother, Jer Bulsara has died at the age of 94. RIP.


Lazarus, the days of our lives

I always associate David Bowie with Queen and Freddie Mercury after hearing the amazing “Under Pressure”.

I’ve even heard a bootleg version recorded in the studio where both singers are clearly heard talking to each other.

So, to me it’s appropriate to mark the passing away of the legendary singer David Bowie with the video of his recently released song “Lazarus”, and Queen’s “These Are The Days of our Lives” where Mercury was visibly gaunt mere months before his own death.

But let’s finish on a high note with “Under Pressure” 🙂

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Queen at Live Aid

25 minutes of an amazing performance by a great band.

I want to know who was the guy in shorts who was leaning against the stage wall at around 8:29.
(Thank for the link Leon!)


Ogre Battle

Spotify opened it’s doors to the Irish public today (well, to those who hadn’t used a proxy or some other means to pay for the UK service that is) so I gave it a go and of course looked for Queen music. The usual suspects are there and some material I hadn’t heard before like B-sides and “work in progress” versions of some songs. Great!

Then I found Deep Cuts, the first in a series of album compilations of more “obscure” stuff. I saw some favourites on there so I tried Ogre Battle first.

What the hell? Almost 30 seconds of near silence building up to an annoying wail! Argh! This wasn’t the Ogre Battle I remembered. It’s the version from their second album, Queen II.

The version of the song from “Queen at the BBC” is so much better, but that one isn’t on Spotify. I won’t be throwing out my MP3 or CD collection any time soon. Humph.

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Killer Queen in the Opera House Cork

If you know me well, you may know I love the music of Queen. I never had the pleasure of seeing them live unfortunately but I’ve been to a number of Queen inspired events, Flash Harry played in Cobh a few years ago and there was Queen at the Ballet too. (Thanks Ken, Aisling, Proinnsias, Sinead!)

So I jumped at the chance to see Queen tribute band, Killer Queen when they played in the Opera House recently. They were good, some parts were great, and Brighton Rock was absolutely amazing even if I got the feeling some people in the audience didn’t know that song.

Killer Queen are a blast. The crowd loved them. Of the three performances I thought Flash Harry was the best but you’ll have a great time at Killer Queen too.

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Dune vs Queen: Who Wants to Live Forever

The first time I heard this Dune cover of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” I thought, “Oh Wow! That’s good!”

Then, 30 seconds into the song I thought, “Wait a second. This is actually fairly boring. The voice that sounded nice at the start really sounds weak, there’s no feeling, it goes nowhere and the video is rubbish.”

Here’s the original song by Queen. Turn the volume up. It’ll send a shiver down your spine and you’ll realise how good Freddie’s voice was. Amazing stuff.

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It's a beautiful day

It’s a beautiful day, so I’ll leave you with Queen’s song of the same name.. I’m off outside.

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I want to break free

Gerry, you’re at peace now.


Queen's Death on Two Legs .. who is it dedicated to?

Over the years there has been much speculation over the years as to who this song is dedicated to. A post on states that it is about Norman Sheffield, their manager in the early days who “locked Queen into a slave like contract where they saw almost nothing in terms of royalties and artistic freedom.” Nasty!

I searched about a year ago for the answer to this question but couldn’t find anything as “concrete” as the answers above. It is still hear-say but I believe it could be true..
Last night while channel-flipping I came across “Classic Albums” on BBC1. The show was about Queen’s, “A Night At The Opera”, the album which really set the ball rolling for them and included the huge hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

I missed the start of the show but came in when they were talking about “Death on Two Legs”. Brian May spoke for up to a minute about the early days, saying they had a manager then who handled everything. He named the manager but I can’t recall what the name was. It was most likely Norman Sheffield.

They showed a grainy black and white group photo, and the camera zoomed in on the smiling young face of a man in a suit and lingered there for a few seconds. The scene changed back to May who looked into the camera for a few seconds saying nothing.

If you want to know what others think about this album, here are some critical and not so critical reviews.


the stypod on Queen – Dancer

I’m a huge Queen fan, one look at my CD collection and that’ll become clear. Unfortunately, there are two of their albums I really don’t like. Those are “Hot Space” and “Jazz”. They sound very 80’s-ish, and not in a good way. I think they haven’t dated very well.
Anyhow, the stypod has a feature on Dancer, one of the songs from Hot Space. Besides “Under Pressure” it probably is one of the stronger musical pieces on the album.
/me goes back to Queen at the Beeb.. ah yes!