Nick Berg

Here’s a harrowing and horrible description of the video of Nick Berg’s murder. I think once you’ve read it you won’t want to watch the movie. I certainly don’t. (via John)
Later… blogrunner has lots more to say.. (via referer links)
Later Still… Wikipedia Page about the man.



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  1. in the states there seems to be some confusion. just to show that not all americans are confused by this:

    what happened to nick berg was revolting, evil and a crime. his killers should be found and punished.

    what happened to the prisoners in iraq was revolting, evil and a crime. those involved should be found and punished.

    the two events are not connected; neither justifies the other.

  2. The movie’s linked off one of the urls above, but unless you’ve been brought up on a diet of warfare, violence and depravity I think you’ll be very upset at seeing it. Read the description first..

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