Tux & Red Hat – the reason I w …

Tux & Red Hat – the reason I was trying to connect my digital camera and my PC again.
It’s not a great pic, I was trying for a different effect but maybe I’ll play with it tomorrow and or attempt to take the picture again. Photo was taken after I fitted a 150 watt bulb in my room, no flash and I had to set the timer because the camera and this picture is actually inside my wardrobe. Time to take that bulb out, it’s way too bright!

My cat wasn't feeling too we …

My cat wasn't feeling too well last week, so while she moped around the garden feeling sorry for herself I snapped a few photos.

To make matters worse for her, the neighbour's cat called around looking for food, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, it was so thick! Cats really are loner animals, they "adopt" us, not the other way around. Just after I took this picture my cat started hissing and spitting at the other cat, but then she scampered over to me and brazenly looked on as I chased the invader out of her territory.

I have a Fujifilm Finepix 1300 …

I have a Fujifilm Finepix 1300 digital camera. This morning I did a Google search for some help getting it working in Red Hat Linux 7.2. I had it working with a Linux 2.2.x kernel but things changed in 2.4 so I needed help. Here’s some useful links:
Commentry on Olympus Brio and Linux
gPhoto – a library for accessing USB and serial digital cameras. The Kompany produced a Kio slave for KDE that uses this library. Browse through the files on your camera in Konqueror!
Linux hot-pluggingIts goal is letting you plug in new devices and use them immediately.