My cat wasn't feeling too we …

My cat wasn't feeling too well last week, so while she moped around the garden feeling sorry for herself I snapped a few photos.

To make matters worse for her, the neighbour's cat called around looking for food, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, it was so thick! Cats really are loner animals, they "adopt" us, not the other way around. Just after I took this picture my cat started hissing and spitting at the other cat, but then she scampered over to me and brazenly looked on as I chased the invader out of her territory.

I have a Fujifilm Finepix 1300 …

I have a Fujifilm Finepix 1300 digital camera. This morning I did a Google search for some help getting it working in Red Hat Linux 7.2. I had it working with a Linux 2.2.x kernel but things changed in 2.4 so I needed help. Here’s some useful links:
Commentry on Olympus Brio and Linux
gPhoto – a library for accessing USB and serial digital cameras. The Kompany produced a Kio slave for KDE that uses this library. Browse through the files on your camera in Konqueror!
Linux hot-pluggingIts goal is letting you plug in new devices and use them immediately.