I have a totally table-free te …

I have a totally table-free template done for this blog, I tried it on a test blog and it got screwed up royally. Back to the drawing board and more testing.
Still, I learned a lot about CSS positioning, and about the differences between Mozilla and MSIE (it displays properly in Mozilla, no apologies, MSIE just plain ignored a black border around my new logo.. *grrr*) Of course, Mozilla doesn’t respect the ‘transparent’ setting of background-color properly. It’ll use the document background, not the colour of the div behind it. More work to be done.

The election is over, FIanna Fail get in again, Fianna Gael are facing their biggest defeat in years. Sinn Fein have a few seats. Labour didn’t do too well. It’ll probably be a Fianna Fail, Progressive Democrats government.

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