Mozilla Firebird redux

I’ve used Mozilla Firebird all day today. The fonts do suck, but there’s an xft build out there that I’ll try tonight on Red Hat 9. The xft build doesn’t work on Red Hat 7.2 however.
The browser is quick and light. It’s even lighter and more responsive than Galeon although that could be explained by the fact that this machine has a lot more RAM than my desktop machine.

4 thoughts on “Mozilla Firebird redux

  1. The xft build linked above is gorgeous! Fonts are nice, it’s snappy. Tabs open quickly. I’ll be taking this build for a longer spin tomorrow!
    Scott likes it too, I wonder if he’s tryed the xft version. He’ll like it even more then!

  2. I actually tried it out. For some reason everything was in ‘slow motion’ as in, whenever I clicked a button it would lag for a second or two. My system had plenty of resources to allocate it, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Also, do you know of a quick way to move the tabs to the bottom, I didn’t see that as an option.

  3. Slow motion? That’s strange! Moz Firebird is missing several options I got used to in Galeon.. I’ll post about that later.

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