Latest photo: Running water ov …

Latest photo: Running water over at the Gun Powder Mills in Ballincollig, Cork, Ireland.

A strange thing happened today. After calibrating my monitor yesterday, one guide suggested changing the temperature of the monitor to “6500K” when displaying images as that’s how the photographer probably wanted them viewed. I made the change, shook my head at the duller look of my monitor but now I don’t notice it. I am consiously thinking about the fact that the monitor isn’t quite as “bright” yet it appears that way to me.When I restore the “9300K” mode the screen appears terribly bright and I have to avert my gaze for a few seconds!
Photos do look better in 6500K mode, and I guess the screen is easier on my eyes. I don’t think I’ll be switching back any time soon.

John was rambling about knowledge management tools and pointed at Zoe, self described as doing “for email (starting with your personal mailbox) what Google did for the web…”
It’s Java, must give it a go tomorrow. I’ll have to find out again how to install a JRE of course!

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