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I possibly need a “Search Engine” category. Hmm, especially if I put anything down about my SEO experiences! 😉
Anyhow, via the Google Blog comes an article explaining why anti-Semitic websites showed up in a search for the word Jew. In the interest of fairness, I also search for the words Christian, Muslim, Church of Ireland, Protestant and Catholic. A quick glance shows that most (all?) of the top-ranked sites listed on those searches are ones in favour of the searched for religion/church.
Why can’t we have dissenting voices? Is all good and pearly white in the world again?



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  1. Ah. I had to re-read your post a couple times before I got your drift. I think you’re suggesting it would be fair to have sites critical of Catholicism or Islam come up early in search results. I suppose that’s so.

    Actually, when I did the Google search on “catholic”, I noticed a set of links at the bottom of the page: “Searches related to: catholic” There I found “anti-catholic”.

    I could not get an anti-TERM when I did the same search for Jew, Jewish, Islam, Islamic, Muslim, Christian.
    Protestant yielded “Protestant vs. Catholic”

    Huh. I wonder how they determine when to add “searches related to TERM” links.

  2. Google likes that.

    Wasnt it the same with George Bush showing no. in SERPs when searching for dumb a**hole – or something similar. They removed it…

    Funny thing – me being Danish – and just making a search for the danish word for jew, up comes a danish rapper (calls himself the Jew) – He is apparently christian and Swiss… Go figure.

    Jews apparently only blackhat-SEO english listings. 😉

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