Self-Hosting Movies with MoviX

This article goes some of the way towards explaining how to create a CD based version of Linux that’ll play movies and other media types. I for one have never managed to get divx working properly in WinXP, or get divx 5 working in Win2k, but they work fine in […]


Sometimes, More Is More

This guy is brave coming out and saying he thinks KDE is better than Gnome. He even included his email address. *cough*he’ll learn quickly!*cough* (and the same applies to you rabid Mac and Windows advocates! 🙂


Connecting a Nokia 7650 to Linux via Bluetooth

And for my next trick I shall get my 7650 talking to Linux via the Bluetooth dongle that arrived in the post yesterday. This howto is useful, and links to the Bluez howto too. Unfortunately it all looks rather beta and requires the user compile and patch code. ‘s funny, […]


Linux screensavers

GURU Labs have impressive looking screensavers on their site. You’ll need an Nvidia or ATI chipset to view them though as they require hardware TCL support. The Guru Labs site is well worth checking out for a wealth of other software packaged for Red Hat 8 and 9.


Red Hat 8.0 – man garbage

For as long as I’ve had Red Hat 8.0 installed I’ve had trouble using “man” and other marked up terminal apps. The marked up text appeared as garbage and only by careful examination could one spot the useful information trapped inside! Here’s the answer, courtesy of the Chicago LUNI list. […]


[ILUG] serious linux worm on the loose

I haven’t seen this hit the mainstream press, or slashdot or anywhere yet. It could be some obvious hole missed while configuring these Red Hat 7.3 boxes but I’m worried. 8 Red Hat 7.3 boxes were broken into and rooted. John doesn’t know how they were cracked, almost missed it […]


On Workspot

Chris Gulker on Workspot – Linux anywhere! Compare $10 for Workspot to, say, the $8.25 .mac costs: both give you an email account, but .mac’s is via a clunky (read: slow) Webmail interface, where Workspot gives you the full Ximian Evolution email application (with address book that autotypes, calendar, etc. […]

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