/Trackballs/ is a Marble Madness or Gyroscope clone. Gyroscope was the first C64 disk game I ever had. I was given it by someone but I don’t remember who now.. hmm. must download this tomorrow!


KDE vs Gnome

Right, this is a completely personal observation. On my redhat 8 box here at work, KDE just kicks the ass off Gnome 2 for speed. I don’t use the file manager of either environment much, so this is simply and observation on how using Galeon, Gnome Multi-terminal, xchat and Kmail […]


Unix: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

While searching using a popular search engine for Bash help I found a few goodies: Unix: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly – short article on the short-comings of Unix, from a user-friendly perspective. While I agree that “info” is horrendous, the much more useful “pinfo” is much better. […]


On Qmail:Valen had admitted to …

On Qmail:Valen had admitted to having hacked QMail to support Oracle DB Backend while working for a prominent Irish company..<Valen> Why do I get the shit jobs ? I think I preferred cleaning autopsy tables more than hacking qmail.


How to loop over filenames wit …

How to loop over filenames with spaces – I knew this, but it had disappeared in the recesses of my brain. > for f in `cat /pathtolist/mp3.txt` do cp “$f” /newdirectory done You didn’t say exactly how the file is organised, so I’m going to guess one filename per line. […]


Having just spent the last hal …

Having just spent the last half hour working in Word I’m not going to rant about Open Office. Word works better than Open Office from what I can see. It’s the small things. Like when you have a bullet list and you tab indented text below the bullet. In Word, […]

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