The Linux Kernel's Next Incarn …

The Linux Kernel’s Next Incarnation – I think it’s probably mostly speculation though, but it’s a nice “fluff” piece.


On Qmail:Valen had admitted to …

On Qmail:
Valen had admitted to having hacked QMail to support Oracle DB Backend while working for a prominent Irish company..
<Valen> Why do I get the shit jobs ? I think I preferred cleaning autopsy tables more than hacking qmail.


mcblue – very nice theme for M …

mcblue – very nice theme for Metacity.


How to loop over filenames wit …

How to loop over filenames with spaces – I knew this, but it had disappeared in the recesses of my brain.

> for f in `cat /pathtolist/mp3.txt` do cp "$f" /newdirectory done

You didn't say exactly how the file is organised, so I'm going to
guess one filename per line.  (Note that a filename is allowed
to contain the newline character; I'm just hoping that none of
your files do!)

Others have already pointed out that spaces can be tricky.  I'm
going to show you that there really is no problem.  Rather than
iterate using for, use while and read:

while read filename; do cp "$filename" /newdirectory; done < mp3.txt


Weather’s been bad for the past few days. No real opportunities for photography. Bah! At least I have 99% of my Christmas shopping done. Meanwhile, Mark has an entertaining piece on “The One Toy”.

Oh yes, If you’re over 20, buy RETRO, a (one off?) mag from games mag, Edge. It has great interviews with old Zzap64! staffers, bits on games of old (Elite anyone?) and other great stuff! If you’re under 20, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Hmm, scratch that, if you’re under 24 you probably don’t know what I’m talking about! Getting old ..

Edit in 2019: replaced dead links with links and copied content of the email from the first link.


Having just spent the last hal …

Having just spent the last half hour working in Word I’m not going to rant about Open Office. Word works better than Open Office from what I can see. It’s the small things.
Like when you have a bullet list and you tab indented text below the bullet. In Word, that text aligns with the text above. In Word, when you create a number list there’s plenty of whitespace around each number, not so in Open Office (by default, is that configurable, should I RTFM?)
And finally, I hate word processors of all types. Every time I go near one I end up spending half my time arranging bullet lists in some way, or maybe a number list doesn’t start at 1 for some arcane reason, or text in a paragraph looks like it’s slowly leaning in one direction..
Programming is a walk in the park compared to that. At least that’s got some logic, and I can usually explain what’s going on. Give me HTML and CSS any day.


KDE Insider – Gnome to KDE: Mi …

KDE Insider – Gnome to KDE: Mission Accomplished, Convert Thrilled, via IRC, the new “KDE Switch” story.

Yes, it’s true. I like the KDE® desktop enough to change my whole computing world around. Here’s the bottom line: KDE gives me more choices and flexibility, and better compatibility with the rest of the technology world.

KDE relieved my fears about switching. I can read my files, import e-mail addresses from my Palm® to the KMail® messaging and collaboration client, and keep my Web favorites. All Gnome hardware—including my printer, broadband cable, Zip drive, and Palm handheld—works perfectly with my KDE-based PC.

To my surprise, the process of switching was as easy as the slashdot hype had promised. I was up and running in less than one day, Girl Scout’s honor. First, let me tell you more about why I converted.


Here's a nice way to do backup …

Here’s a nice way to do backups and have them available intaractively to your users!


Mark sent me a mail entitled S …

Mark sent me a mail entitled Sun Linux this morning. Hmm.

Running Industry leading Linux on Sun: Sun brings a comprehensive systems approach to GNU/Linux-based operating systems. Sun provides Java technology, x64-based servers and workstations, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SuSE Linux Enterprise Server along with Sun’s Java Enterprise System and suites. Sun also works with Canonical Ltd. to certify and support selected x64 based systems and CoolThreads servers on Ubuntu Linux.

Development Humour Linux

Via Camworld: Mirror of The An …

Via Camworld: Mirror of The Anti Porn Guy – I can’t believe that people still think like this!

Al Gore on Bush: Corporate Lacky.

I have no idea who Martha Stewart is, and frankly I don’t think I’m missing much.

Has anyone noticed that Irish and English soaps center around a pub?

Comment heard on Today FM: “Am I hearing this right? Irish people are complaining that they have to go to the pub to watch soccer matches?”

Slashdot: The Future Of The 2.0 Linux Kernel – I’m still using a machine at work with 2.0 on it! It was critical to our business until a few months ago but still running a few small apps.

Interview with Ian Jackson – Debian maintainer. Great interview and Ian doesn’t pull any punches. Even Debian ins’t perfect!


I've posted a new part in my …

I’ve posted a new part in my demo coding tutorial! Grab it at the Tutorial link on the side bar!

Check out the Linux Game Development Center. It’s a nice site with links to lots of tools, examples, projects and other nice game development stuff!

Update on Jan 1, 2008 is gone. Grrr. It’s been taken over by a spammer.