Admin 101: Postfix smtp limits

I’ve just moved all my sites on to a new install of Ubuntu on one of my VPses. This site and In Photos are now on the same server again and the VPS has finally calmed down. Between configuring Apache (turn off keep alives, and reduce the number of child […]

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Moved home last night

This blog moved home that is, I’m still tucked up in Blarney! I moved to a slightly more beefy linode 200 VPS at linode.com and thanks to Michele at Blacknight the dns changeover took place quietly and unobtrusively last night around 1am. Hopefully you’ll see a slight improvement in page […]


Surviving a DDOS

Linode.com, where this site is hosted, suffered a distributed denial of service attack this morning. It looks like my two blogs were down and flaky for about 2 hours but things are in hand now and back to normal again! Phew.

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