Humour When-in-Ireland

The oldest lap dancing club

Grandad makes the case for Newgrange being the oldest lap dancing club in the world. At over 5,000 years old it’s an ancient structure and quite important today, it being the Winter Solstice, but I’m not quite convinced that it was a lap dancing club.

I mean, if the girls had to swing around a wooden pole wouldn’t they have got slivers of wood in their hands. Polished steel works much better, or so I’m told. I suppose after a while the ol’ pole would have been worn smooth and I’m sure things would have gone swimmingly well then.

I don’t know where he comes up with the idea of orgies there either. I mean, this is Ireland, like.

In light of the day that’s in it, I have a nice picture of An Fear Marbh off the Kerry coast at sunset on my photoblog. Feel free to wonder why a man is lying on his back in the Atlantic and how that relates to the above..