That baseball game

After seeing some of the photos from last weekends games in the newspapers I’ve come to the conclusion it’s bloody difficult to get good shots at a game without a press-pass, and a big lense on a decent camera. That said, here’s my contribution to the sporting history of the Chicago White Sox:

Almost hit it!
almost hit it

When the ball is pitched, it travels of speeds between 80mph and 93mph! Even if they don’t have to run around as much as in other team sports, their reflexes have to be very sharp! They have stamina too. Sitting down, drinking beer, or munching on a sandwich for 2-3 hours is easy. Concentrating and running around is another matter!

Watching the game

White Sox fans will recognise these players. I haven’t a clue who they are, except for Lee, for obvious reasons! Lee went on later, and made a great catch on a high ball.

Did he make it?

See that ball in the air over his head? A low ball, delivered right into the hands of a White Sox player ensured this guy was out!

The End

Photography Photos

Sammy Sosa, Baseball & corked bats

At the start of June Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs’ star player broke his bat during a game. Cork was discovered inside the bat, lending him an unfair advantage while hitting. I was there with Martina, and although I didn’t realise the full extent and implications of what was happening, I snapped a few photos. It made headline news for about 2 weeks afterwards! You can find more about this via Google.

Referees and inspectors walk off the field. You can clearly see the bat Sammy used, and there’s a slight shadow in the middle. Is that where the cork was?

The bat was inspected at the side of the field. Shortly after they walked off and the game continued.

But not before members of the Cubs and one of their officials had a good talk..

As the game restarted, the Cubs pitched..