Spammers have been busy!

The spammers were busy last night and this morning! I received some 20 comment spams and notifications are still coming in. So, now when you go into the comment moderation page, when you “delete” comments, they actually are deleted from the database now. To delete old comment spams simply open up the “Deleted Comments” page […]

b2++ usage?

It looks like iTools 7 for Mac OS X & Mac OS X Server is using or at least shipping b2++ as one of their “new extentsions to make websites easier”. It sits alongside such well-known stalwarts as Gallery and phpBB2 and PHP-Nuke! (Thanks Mark for the link!)

B2++ Referer Listing

Blog owners on this site will notice and hopefully appreciate a minor change to the referer listing. Instead of printing the complete url to Google requests, Individual keywords are now displayed! Instead of you’ll now see Google: font too small thunderbird linux which I think you’ll agree is much nicer!

b2++ – 0.8

Finally, a new release of b2++! This is a minor release, putting the features we’ve been using here on into a release for wider distribution! New in this release: Comment Moderation: Every comment, pingback and trackback must now be validated before they’re displayed. Bye bye comment spam! Referer Blacklisting: You can add any referer […]

Smarty editor and theme chooser for WordPress

I’ve ported the Smarty template editor and theme chooser from here to WordPress. It’s available to download as a tarball. Warning! This is highly experimental code. It will nuke your current WP installation so install it on a testing server. It’s not ready for public consumption, it’ll give you food poisoning, it’ll make bad things […]


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