Smarty editor and theme chooser for WordPress

I’ve ported the Smarty template editor and theme chooser from here to WordPress. It’s available to download as a tarball.
Warning! This is highly experimental code. It will nuke your current WP installation so install it on a testing server. It’s not ready for public consumption, it’ll give you food poisoning, it’ll make bad things happen, it’ll cause massive problems for the .. oh, just try it on a test server, don’t use it on a production server at all.
Here’s the mail I sent to wp-dev last night:

What this adds:
1. Smarty template aware editor. This editor makes automatic backups of your template. To restore a previously edited template just click 1-5 next to the template name and save that template again. It’s a FIFO queue..
2. Template picker/chooser. The default WP template is there as well as “Blue Dash” that I did for b2++. Click on the “Use this theme” link to use the selected theme.
3. Smarty is included, so you don’t need to download that if you haven’t got it.

Anyway, here’s what you do with this lot:
1. Don’t install this over your current live WP installation as it’s only for testing!
2. Download the tarball. It creates a wp directory so move stuff around if you have to. Files should be overwritten, so backup, backup, backup!
3. In the wp-blogs/main directory you’ll want to chmod 777 the templates_c smartycache templates directories and chmod 666 templates/*
Fire up your browser and point it at your WP install!

cd wp-blogs/main/
chmod 777 templates_c smartycache templates
chmod 666 templates/*

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