Idea: Blog Gallery

Here’s something I sent to the WordPress dev list this morning…

Anyway, this morning after a hectic night taking some 250 photos of a friend’s band at a Christmas party it I was wondering how best to blog the best of them. Here’s what I thought of:
The blog entry will have a number of thumbnails (could be automatically created when the large size images are uploaded), and a space underneath, perhaps filled with the first image.
If a user clicks on one of the images then that image is displayed below the thumbnails via javascript. It’d be handy to have a “display all” button too (“dummy” <IMG src..> tags could load “blank.gif” or something until needed)

The Javascript bit is easy, it’s just changing the image src attribute, the PHP is easy. Making it easy for the potential user could be the most difficult bit. Hmm, that custom fields plugin could be handy!

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