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Ooh, nice! A click counter for WordPress! It comes in two parts – a redirect script and a WordPress plugin. I wasn’t sure how well it’d work but it was simple to install – after modifying the sql to record and recognise each blog ID all I had to do was activate the plugin in the backend. If you want to activate it on your WPMU blog here just go into “Plugins” and click the “Activate” link! I’ll get the extra template tags into Smarty land in a minute and update this post shortly.
Here’s the extra template tags that come with this plugin:
wp_ozh_click_topclicks and wp_ozh_click_comment_author_link – there’s documentation on the plugin page above, but working with Smarty functions and parameter passing is quite easy if you’re used to HTML. Here’s what I did:

<br /><span>Most Popular Clicks</span><br /><ul>
{wp_ozh_click_topclicks limit=10}

<p><cite>{comment_type} {_e text="by"} {wp_ozh_click_comment_author_link} — {comment_date} @ <a href="#comment-{comment_ID}">{comment_time}</a></cite> {edit_comment_link link='Edit This' before=' |'}</p>

3 thoughts on “Click Counter Plugin For WordPress

  1. does it only count clicks for all links on the site, as well site links as outgoing links (to other sites)?

    I am looking for a solution to count clicks to outgoing links for my car rental directory, so I can see how effective each posting is for the members. Right now the theme only supports views of listings unfortunately.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know as well

    1. Did you ever find a solution to this autoverhuur curacao? I would like to be a ble to count the clicks on links to other sites. Any ideas appreciated.

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