WPMU Updates

Almost back to normal after the mad weekend, I said almost! 😉
On a local install of WPMU, I managed to re-direct the root of a WP install to the “main” weblog, this means that in future you’ll be able to go to http://blogs.linux.ie/ and see some content again! I need to get those changes rolled into the code running this site however so a release doesn’t look likely until the weekend or later. There’s such an awful amount of work to do before the code should be seen in public – cleaned up installation, some documentation, even download links.
Apart from the purely technical aspect, there’s a lot of emotion tied up in it too. “Did I forget anything? Is the documentation up to date? Did I increment the version counter? I’m tired, let’s just get the damn thing out the door..”
Later.. I started on a simple gallery that feeds off the meta data entered as “photoblog” custom fields. Thumbnails and other features to come later.

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