A Night at the Opera (House)

I went to see Calexico the other night. They played in the Opera House here in Cork on Wednesday night and for some reason I forgot to blog this event! (oh yeah, you don’t need to know everything about me do you?)Anyhow, Calexico were .. good, not great, but good. […]

C64 , Music

Cherry Blossom Girl – C64 rip off?

Has anyone else beside myself and Proinnsias noticed that the beginning of Cherry Blossom Girl by Air sound very like a famous C64 tune? I don’t think so, as even Google hasn’t been very helpful! Ah.. no wonder, it’s the radio mix, not the album version. I am trying desperately […]


CD Wow Backs down

As previously reported here, IRMA sued CD Wow to stop them importing cheap music CDs into Ireland. This morning on the radio I heard that sad news that CD Wow have basically given up and they will add €3 to the price of every music CD bought by someone resident […]


Irish Live Music

Live music is great, and The Coal Quay Bar is a relatively new bar here in Cork that has bands in on a regular basis. Last Sunday Limerick band the willful played there and were great! So, while Veron and her friends sang along to the band some guy in […]


Run iPod! Run!

The Rio Karma looks like an impressive personal music player! This lengthy review goes into quite a lot of detail, including the suggestion that, “it bests the iRiver and the iPod [on sound quality], but is about on par with the Zen” which is high praise indeed! I like the […]


IRMA sue CD WOW – illegal grey imports!

Sean Murtagh, head of operations at the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), and Jonathan Jones of CD WOW debate the legality of CD WOW’s operation in this radio recording. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it this morning, but the crux of the argument is that CD WOW is […]


Norah Jones – downloadable live music

You can download mp3s of live performances off the Norah Jones website. Should make for good listening in the car this weekend! I was thinking of buying her CD, but this clinches it. I’m buying next weekend! (via Keith)

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