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Cherry Blossom Girl – C64 rip off?

Has anyone else beside myself and Proinnsias noticed that the beginning of Cherry Blossom Girl by Air sound very like a famous C64 tune? I don’t think so, as even Google hasn’t been very helpful! Ah.. no wonder, it’s the radio mix, not the album version. I am trying desperately […]


GEOS Available for Download!

This is so cool! I must take a look at this later. Of course, I only know one person who used GEOS, and he used it to write his letters when we swapped demo disks all of 10 years or more ago.. Hmm, knowing my hoarding abilities, I probably still […]


C64 people and the good ol' days..

I’m stuck in work late, yet again, and plouging through a long list of things when I get an email titled, ‘remember me?’ from Andrew Fisher. Andrew was a member of the c64 demo group ‘Ozone’ that I formed with Ciaran Langford many a year ago. I haven’t heard from […]



Just found this page while searching for “The Great Giana Sisters”. It brought me back several years! Armalyte was an amazing game, but it wasn’t the only game by Cyberdyne Systems on the C64 AFAIR. I could almost swear I played a platformer that was released on a Zzap64! cover, […]


C64 emulator for the Nokia 7650 is out!

Yes, it’s out! You can finally run your C64 games and demos on your Nokia 7650 or Series 6/7 phone! Here’s the announcement from a few days ago! Unfortunately you have to send the games over in a text/email message, so I’ll have to boot into Windows to copy over […]


The Contiki Operating System and Desktop Environment

Yes, yes, you’ve all probably seen this already as it’s linked from slashdot! This operating system was originally written on the C64, occupies 42k of RAM, and has an impressive array of features, including a web browser! I’m going to watch out for that User-Agent in my access logs.. hehe


Ah! Nostalgia! I'm listening t …

Ah! Nostalgia! I’m listening to a remix of Zig Zag from RKO linked below. This featured on the very first issue of Zzap64 that I and my brother bought. Also check out Zybex linked from the first page above, it’s an excellent horizontal shoot-em-up that I spent hours on!

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