Java C64 Games!

yay! Loads of old games here! You can play them through a Java C64 emulator! Maybe I should setup something similar for the C64 demos? I can hardly imagine them working well enough although it looks like plenty of C64 features have been implemented!
/me goes to install the JRE!

By Donncha

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There is a site called VIZZED dot com that has lots of retro games that you only need a Vizzed Plug In though many games use Java.

However at least on my computer Java screen appears only in the upper right corner and is too small to really be much use though it may be because it’s all glitched up.

If I use electronics for a long enough time I seem to cause glitches as if I have some kind of magnetic energy around me that effects everything I touch.

Mom is that way too.

Often times computers will be working fine and as soon as she walks in everything gets screwed up without fail.

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