3 months free Backblaze again

Well, well. Backblaze are offering 3 months free if you sign up before December 31st, again. I first heard of this offer in 2013 when I published a post about in March that year.

Backblaze is a cloud backup company that have a neat app that runs on your computer and backs up everything on it to encrypted storage. If you have external drives, as long as they’re plugged into your machine, Backblaze will happily keep all of it safe.

Some of my photos, from 2005 all the way up to 2022. Backed up on Backblaze.

You get your normal free month to test it and figure out if it will work for you. If you sign up, you get 2 months more for FREE! And, best of all (for me), I get 3 months free too for referring you. Yay!

Do I recommend Backblaze for backing up your PC or Mac? Why yes, I do. I’ve been paying them since 2013. I have over 3TB of photos backed up there and with 30 days of revisions I can go back and restore anything I find missing or corrupted. You can increase that 30 days to 1 year, but I’m fine with 30 days.

How much is it? I went with the 2-year subscription. It’s $130 for 2 years, which works out at less than $6 a month. A bargain, if I ever saw it.

Anyway, sign up to Backblaze through this link, and you’ll get an extra 2 months free added to your subscription if you pay them money. You don’t need to pay them money immediately. You still get a free trial of a month to test it out.

I know, I know, you’re not going to do it. You’re not worried about your computer dying, are you? I would be a nervous wreck if I didn’t have backups of my photos, videos, and other documents. One little accident, an old computer dying, or ransomware, and it’s all gone. I’d lie awake at night worrying about my work if that was me. But that’s just me. 🙂

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