When Diego heard a cat

Our chihuahua Diego’s favourite time of the day is when I tell him, “we watch TV!” He looks up expectantly and runs into the living room. We’ll sit down on the couch and Diego will jump up on one of us and settle down for a sleep and gentle rubs.

We’re going through the 1978 series of All Creatures Great and Small right now. It was prompted by the appearance of the new series but my wife prefers the old one so I bought her the box set for Christmas, ripped all the DVDs so we can play them through Plex on the TV. Watching one episode a night, this will keep us going for quite some time!

Last night we watched Tricks of the Trade, an episode where James Herriot finds a tiny black kitten at the side of the road. He brings it to the farm he’s visiting where the kitten is cared for in a wonderful way.

However, before the kitten comes home he is loud in his attempts to gain attention, meowing for all to hear, and that includes Diego. He sat up straight, looked at the TV and watched for several minutes!

It’s not the first time he’s watched All Creatures Great and Small. In other episodes the sound of dogs barking and people calling after them has grabbed his attention and he’ll look up sleepily at the TV, I’m sure wondering where those dogs are.

If you like the new series, you’ll love the old one too. If you haven’t seen the new series but have fond memories of watching it in the past go out and buy the box set and enjoy it all over again!

The box set is on the Golden Discs website, but can also be found on Amazon. However, Golden Discs was much cheaper. YMMV.

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