Sky obviously never check their customer surveys

Someone used my gmail address when they signed up for Sky Television. They must have lots of spare time and money to burn as they’re getting the “Variety with Sports & Movies” package at 83 Euro a month. Yikes.

I filled in the Sky customer survey a few times but they appear to have been ignored. One more time then.

Their emails aren’t really helpful, but Gmail does somehow know how to unsubscribe from Sky emails. I’ve sent Sky a reply telling them they have the wrong email for this account. Updates in the comments if I hear back from them!

You received this because you enquired about subscribing or subscribe to Sky. If you have received this email in error, please accept our apologies.

Sky Survey

Sky Survey Results

2 thoughts on “Sky obviously never check their customer surveys

  1. Donncha, you won’t believe this, but I had exactly the same problem with a Sky customer using my Gmail address throughout 2013 and it was almost certainly the same idiot.

    I eventually got tired of the emails and somehow put a stop to it, can’t remember exactly how but I probably reset his Sky password, logged in and cheerfully changed every setting I could. Chances are that, when he phoned Sky to regain access, he gave them your address, which is close to mine.

    I think the guy might be dyslexic or something, because he still uses my address for tons of stuff, mostly games and low-level entertainment, I often wonder if he realises why he isn’t receiving verification emails. At least most companies do verify addresses, it astounds me that Sky, a €18 billion company with over thirty thousand employees, don’t bother.

    1. Oh dear, I think I’ll just hit that gmail unsubscribe button then and forget about him!

      It is off that they don’t verify the email but I don’t think they’re the only ones. I remember many times giving my address to companies and they never send a verification message. Maybe it’s regarded as being something that “ordinary” consumers will find too hard to understand?

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