Good vibrations: looking for geopathic stress

I’ve become a rather sceptical person of late. Any mention of cancer cures, or advice from someone who thinks they can cure the common cold will unfortunately cause me to raise my eyes to heaven.

A Guardian article on geopathic stress reminded me that this form of quackery was one of the first to come to my attention. It was back in 2003. At first I was dubious but I asked, “does anyone know anything about this?”

Unfortunately the comments descended into farce with Joe, the guy who told me about geopathic stress, spamming the post with fake comments all from the same IP range. I don’t like to see businesses go out broke and end, but for quacks I’ll make an exception. His website isn’t to be found any more.

Thanks Cork Skeptics for sharing the Guardian article! I’m part of Cork Skeptics, so if you’re on Facebook like our page and watch out for events. There’s also the blog you can follow, and it’s on too. 🙂

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