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Neat, search for find my phone using Google and it will tell you where your Android phone is! More here.

By Donncha

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I’m guessing it’s still a Beta feature, though. I tried it and ran into 2 small issues:

For “security reasons”, I had to sign in again before my phone could be located. That involved grabbing my phone to get the 2 factor authentication code. 🙂
Once I had signed in again, here is what I got:

Does it work well for you?

Yeah, it worked perfectly. I think I had the 30 day checkbox clicked the last time I logged into gmail so I didn’t get asked for the code.

Do you have the latest version of the Google app installed? I think there was an update this morning.

I found a problem too. I’m logged into four Google accounts. It works fine when it’s my primary account but if I use another one it asks me to login “to protect your security”, up pops the login but it attempts to login as my primary account, switching to another account brings up the search again, which results in the “protect your security” popup, which brings up the login again.. etc.

I had to do the &authuser=X trick on the login page that we all have to do with Hangouts too.

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